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Literature Awards: Caldecott Medal 2004

These sites are about the Caldecott Medal books for 2004. The Caldecott Medal is awarded to outstanding picture books. Includes information about the authors and illustrators, lesson plans, reviews, pictures, and excerpts from the books.


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The 2004 Medal winner and Honor books with a brief description are shown here. Click on the year "2004" for information.
Watch Philippe Petit as he prepares and walks between New York's Twin Towers.
Watch the video by Weston Woods of the Caldecott Winner, The Man Who Walked Between the Towers.
After listening to the book, students will discuss Philippe Petit. Extension activities for writing, reading, and math are provided.
This is a transcript for an interview with Gerstein about his award-winning book. Also includes a video clip of the interview.
Use this site to provide information about author and illustrator, Steve Jenkins.
Use this website to learn about the author's technique, preparation for a book and inspirations. Additional links are given.
Enjoy watching "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus".
Learn how Mo got his ideas for cartooning and writing, the difficulty of animation, and how the Pigeon got his start.
Learn about author Mo Willems and his famous characters, Pigeon, Elephant, Piggie and more.
Use this site for activities related to Mo Willems Pigeon books. A Pigeon-tastic App is available.
Students will listen to "Ella Sarah Gets Dressed" and practice speech repetition and comprehension skills.
Here is the official site of the author and illustrator of "Ella Sarah Gets Dressed." Click on "Children's Books" to see pictures from her books.

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