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Literature Themes: Bullying

These sites are about bullies and includes tips on how to deal with them. There are lists of recommended children’s books that have a bullying theme, a printable pledge against bullying, and an animated movie. Includes eThemes Resources on several books with this theme.


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This official U.S. Government site includes a definition of bullying, lists the roles kids play, and provides links to related topics. Click on the tabs below the heading for information on specific aspects of bullying. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
This pledge against bullying can be printed out for students.
This site has advice on how to deal with bullies and how to find out if you are a bully. There is also tips for making your school a bully-free zone.
This is a printable list of fiction and nonfiction books about bullies.
This site has lots of information on how to deal with bullies and how to stop bullying. There is a video bullying guide and expert advice. NOTE: This site has a message board.
Scroll down for grade school chapter books that deal with bullies. There are links to resources on some of the books. Includes some ideas for teaching literature about bullies. NOTE: This site includes ads.
These sites include book reveiws and some suggested activities to go along with the book. There is also information about bullying, characterization, sequencing, and problem solving. Includes interactive quizzes and games. Has links to eThemes Resources on author Louis Sachar, graphic organizers, story elements, and book activities.
These sites are about the book "Crash," which explores the themes of bullying and friendship. Find information about the book, its themes, and the author.
These sites are about "The Best School Year Ever" and author Barbara Robinson. There are various reading and vocabulary activities for the classroom. Includes some sites on kindness, cooperation, and bullying.
Find information about the book, suggested classroom activities, discussion questions, and online quizzes. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on author Louis Sachar.
These sites are about the book "Schooled" by Gordon Korman. Includes information about the author, book reviews, discussion questions, and book trailers, as well as information on bullying, the communes of the 1960s and 70s, and astrological signs. Also includes links to the eThemes Resources: "Literature Themes: Bullying" and "Teaching Tips: Bullying Prevention."

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