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Science: Time Travel

These sites explore the abstract concept of time travel in terms that elementary children can understand. Find out how Einstein’s discoveries lead some scientists to believe that time travel is possible. Read the problems that time travel could create for people living in the present. There are sites with time machines that let you explore different eras.


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This time travel classroom activity helps students better understand the nature of time.
This time travel activity helps students understand the size of the universe and calculate time travel distances. Includes: instructional objective, background information, time needed for activity, materials, procedures, extensions and web resources.
Advance through this site to learn more about how the speed of light could make time travel possible. This is an excellent site to introduce the concept of time travel.
Read explanations about how time travel could be made possible. Don't miss the section on "Problems with Time Travel." NOTE: The site includes ads.
Play this Shockwave game to understand how speed of light can alter time.
This page has a fun time machine that lets you learn about money during different time periods.
This is the official site for author Jane Langton. See a list of her children's books.

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