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Space: Hubble Space Telescope

Learn about the largest telescope in the world that is orbiting Earth, the Hubble Space Telescope. Read about the history of its development, what it does, how it is serviced, its orbit, and how it works in space. Sites include images of the telescope, schema, and instructions how to build a paper model.


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Advance through the slide show to learn the history of telescopes: from Galileos invention to the Hubble space telescope. View photos and animation and answer question while progressing through the site.
View photos of servicing the Hubble telescope in space and sing along with a Hubble Space Telescope song.
Learn here how to make your own small telescope from glasses and paper.
This site includes several articles based on the Hubble photo-discoveries. You can view and zoom in on the first photographs sent by Hubble. NOTE: THis site has pop-up ads.
Learn here how black and white pictures from Hubble are translated into natural colors. The site has an informative slide show and an interactive activity where kids can create a color image by using its red, green, and blue copy.
See images of actual telescopes used by many different observatories.
Follow instructions on this page and build your own Hubble Space Telescope.
Read the article about the structure and scientific instruments on the Hubble Space Telescope. View a diagram of these instruments, where they are located, and a description of each.
View the schematic drawing of the transmitting process of information from Hubble to Earth
Click on thumbnail size images to enlarge photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

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