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Space: International Space Station

These sites are about the International Space Station that orbits earth. Learn about the history of its development, its mission, and the astronauts who have lived there. Includes videos, animations, and photographs. There is a link to an eThemes resource on space exploration.


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See this animation of how the space station was built, each stage of development, and a time line. Click on the time line to read more about each stage.
Here are 10 facts about the space station.
Test your knowledge of the ISS with this quiz.
Read the latest updates about the ISS on this site.
Select a category to view an image gallery and videos about the ISS.
Students can learn about sleeping in space and listen to wake up calls for several shuttle missions.
This article describes the water recycling process on the Space Station.
Learn how oxygen is produced on the International Space Station. The page includes a diagram.
Learn how astronauts live together and share space on the Space Station.
Students can find out about the STS-115 Atlantis shuttle mission in September of 2006. This flight carried pieces of the ISS. Click on "Flash Feature" for a series of animations. Under "Related Multimedia" watch one of the videos.
Here are answers to common questions about the ISS. The site includes photographs and video files. Enter your suggestion for what the space station should be named.
Watch this movie and then take the quiz. NOTE: Site available by subscription only.
This site explains the past history of space stations and the future of space stations. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Astronauts have used spacesuits extensively as they work on the ISS. This site explains how a spacesuit works and has an assortment of photographs tracing the history of the spacesuit. NOTE: The site includes ads.
These sites are about space exploration and the various technologies that have made this possible. Learn about satellites, space stations, and spacecrafts. See photographs and video clips of various launches

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