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State Quarters

These sites are about the state quarter program that began in 1999 and will continue until 2008. The coins are introduced in the order of statehood. Vote on your favorite quarter design and learn why certain symbols were chosen to represent each state. Includes lesson plans, a matching game, and an interactive story about how coins are made. The state quarter designs can be used to introduce students to the 50 states as well as the notion that the United States expanded westward. There are links to eThemes Resources on money.


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Click on a state see an image of that state's quarter and to read what the design symbolizes.
Here is a list of the five new state coins that were added every year since 1999. Click on a state name to see the design and learn about what it means. The state pages also have links to pages you can print out and color.
Click on the grade level links to download lesson plans about each state.
Here is a table showing a timeline of the new quarter release dates. The statehood date is also listed so students can see that the quarters are released in the same order that they became states.
Click on "Birth of a Coin" for a cartoon story that explains how coins are made. You can watch it online or download it as a storybook.
Click on "Quarter Explorer" for a fun online game that has you match a state name to the correct quarter design.
This page has information about one coin that is highlighted each month. Check to see if it's a state quarter.
This pdf file has a design template that students can print and use to design their own state quarter.
Click on a state to learn more about the designs. Click on "Early Designs" to see other designs that weren't chosen. Click on states that are to be added to see proposed designs. Scroll down and click on "FAQ" for information about how the designs are selected. NOTE: The site includes unmoderated comments from people about the quarters.
Use this activity with students to examine state license plates and quarters. Links to websites for license plates and state quarters are provided.
Use this lesson with students to help them practice counting money, learn about the 50 States quarters program, and make change. A step-by-step lesson plan is provided.
Students watch a documentary, "The Gift of All: a Community of Givers". Next students learn about philanthropy and the motivation of generosity. State quarters are used as part of this activity. The documentary can be streamed. Discussion and writing activities are given.
Vote on your favorite and least favorite quarter designs, then see a graph that shows the results of the voting so far. NOTE: The site includes unmoderated comments from people about the quarters.
This table lists the order of statehood as well as the state bird, flower, tree, and nickname. Also includes the state abbreviation and the capital cities. NOTE: This site has many external links, so teachers should restrict student use to this page only.
These sites focus on money. Includes the history of money around the world and in the U.S. See photos of the earliest U.S. coins and bills, read how money is made, and learn about the 50 state quarters program. There are links to related eThemes Resources on money.
These sites help students learn about the value of coins and bills and how to identify them. There are several class activity ideas and online games, including making change and figuring the total change. Includes links to related eThemes Resources on money.
These sites are about America's 50 states. Play various games and quizzes and try to recognize the shape of the states. Includes labeled and unlabeled maps. There are links to eThemes Resources on the different regions of America.

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