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Teaching Tips: Skim Reading

Learn how to skim text to become a more effective and faster reader. Includes several stories with quizzes on identifying the main points. Watch a movie about reading skills or download graphic organizers. There are links to eThemes Resources on reading comprehension and writing research papers.


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Watch an animated movie for reading tips and then take the quiz.
Read the instructions on how to use the fishbone graphic organizer, then print out the one on the second page.
Click on "Factsheet 1" to read a definition of skimming and to learn how it is different from scanning. There are tips for students on how to skim text.
Here are three timed quizzes for students to practice their skim reading techniques. NOTE: The "Communicate" link at the top leads to message boards.
This site has text to read and then questions that test skimming skills. Includes a page with the answers.
This pdf file has a class activity idea that has students race to find the correct information.
The first four pages of this pdf file talks about identifying a purpose before reading. Includes tips on how to skim read and what words to look for. This is geared toward older students, but the tips apply to younger students, too.
These sites offer various strategies that will help improve reading comprehension for students at all grade levels. Includes many online stories and questions to test reading comprehension. There is a reading comprehension inventory and research articles on this topic. Many pages can be printed out and used in the classroom. Some of the tips include KWL charts, story maps, word maps, and story pyramids. There is also a link to an eThemes Resource on graphic organizers.
These sites focus on the steps involved in writing a research paper. Learn how to brainstorm a topic, organize information, use transition words, and write bibliographies. There are tips and handouts on how to evaluate online sources, plus links to child-safe search engines. Includes links to eThemes Resources on online resources and graphic organizers.

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