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Health: Obesity

One of the serious health problems of modern America is childhood obesity. Read about the dangers of childhood obesity. Use the interactive calculator on KidsHealth to find out if you are overweight. Included on this site are eThemes resources on eating disorders, diet and nutrition, and diabetes.


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This site has comprehensive information on overweight and obesity. learn how to determine obesity, factors contributing to obesity, consequences of obesity, and tips to prevent childhood obesity.
Learn about diabetes, it causes, and how to live with it. Click on the movie to see what happens in diabetes. NOTE: This site contains a banner-ad.
Find out how to prevent Type 2 diabetes and read the steps for prevention. NOTE: This site contains a banner-ad.
Use the KidsHealth BMI calculator to see if your weight puts you at risk. NOTE: This site contains a banner-ad.
Read what kids say about weight and obesity. Also see the results of this KidsPoll. NOTE: This site contains a banner-ad.
Find out how kids can diet safely and what a "fad diet" is. Read how most kids just need nutritious foods and exercise, not a special diet. NOTE: This site contains a banner-ad.
Body Mass Index uses a calculation to determine if a person is overweight. Use the interactive BMI calculator to see where you are on the graph. NOTE: This site contains a banner-ad.
What does it mean to be obese and how does it affect you? Read this article by Dr. Trisha Macnair to learn more. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to message boards.
Students explain some common eating disorders: anorexia and obesity.
Read this article about how to encourage children to be more active to help fight obesity.
The Mayo Clinic presents this information on reasons for obesity in children. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Fill in the information to find out if your weight is in a healthy range.
In this lesson plan, students will research information and discuss how culture influences body perception. NOTE: This site contains ads and links to external sites.
Students will explore North American fast food culture, the role that marketers play in promoting these types of foods to children and teens, and how it relates to children and teen obesity. NOTE: This site contains links to external sites.
These sites are about good nutrition and healthy diets. Learn about the food pyramid and how food is good for the body. Topics include how to read food labels and look for additives. There are also online games and quizzes about nutrition.
Learn about anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, compulsive overeating, and other types of eating disorders. Find out their signs and symptoms, how they can be identified, and prevented. Includes video files, peer stories, questions and answers, quizzes, and a lesson plan.
Learn about diabetes and it's causes, methods of prevention, treatment options, and recommended diets. There are several case studies listed as well as video detailing living with diabetes and the national effort to prevent this disease. Includes eThemes Resources on obesity.

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