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Animals: Unusual Animals

Learn about unusual animals on these websites. Some are rare, strange, or frightening. Discover strange creatures that live at the bottom of the ocean, nocturnal primates, or hairless rodents that live in colonies like ants. Includes eThemes resources on bats, snakes, and gila monsters.


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Click through these pages to learn about some of the bizarre creatures that live at the bottom of the ocean. See drawings and photographs of angler fish, gulpers, vampire squids, and more.
Watch a video clip to learn about the extraordinary snout of the star-nosed mole, or read naked mole rats or Cape Griffon vultures on this website.
Learn about some of Australia's animals, including the fruit bat, quoll, echinda, and platypus.
Here is a list of Fact Monster's Top Ten Unusual Animals, with pictures and a short description of each. Click on the name of the animal to read an encyclopedia article with more information. NOTE: This site contains ads and a pop-up.
Learn about the characteristics, habitat, behavior, and diet of the hyrax, one of nature's most unusual animals.
This page has facts about and pictures of the mole-rat, the only mammal known to live in social colonies like bees or ants.
Learn about this hairless relative of the pig and its unique tusks. Includes a picture.
Learn all about this wild desert relative of the pig. There is information about their characteristics, diet, behavior, and more. Includes color photographs.
This site introduces several species of rare animals, includes facts about each animal, and downloadable paper craft printouts with instructions. You can make your own giant armadillo, okapi, little spotted kiwi, and many others. The downloads are PDF files of various lengths.
Learn all about these relatives of the raccoon on this site. Read about them, see pictures, or watch an interactive multimedia presentation to find out what sounds they make.
This site has information about the different species of lemurs from Madagascar, as well as their relatives the aye-aye, loris, and galago. Includes audio files and photographs.
Learn about Asian tarsiers on this website, their habitat, habits, and diet. Follow the link to NOVA for more information about these animals and their special nocturnal eyes.
Here is more information about the Philippines Tarsier and why they don't make good pets.
Learn about the world's largest rodent on this page. Find out where they live, what they eat, how they communicate with each other, and more.
These sites are about bats and their habitats. Covers information on myths, mammals, megabats, microbats, and echolocation. Includes links to eThemes Resources on mammals and caves.
Learn about the characteristics, descriptions, habitat, and behavior of snakes. There are photographs, videos, and quizzes on these reptiles. Covers a variety of species, including rattlesnakes, cobras, anacondas, and more.
These sites are about Gila monsters, one of two species of venomous lizards. Learn about the physical characteristics and defense mechanisms that help Gila monsters survive in the desert. Includes photographs and a diagram. Linked are two related eThemes Resources on desert animals and habitats.

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