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Reading Skills: Making Predictions

These sites focus on making predictions as a reading strategy that students can use before and during reading. Learn different strategies such as using first lines, titles, pictures, and more to make predictions. Includes examples, graphic organizers, video clips, slides, lesson plans, and online activities. There is also a link to eThemes Resource on Reading Skills: Inference for Elementary School Students.


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These strategies focus on how students can make predictions about a book or text by reading the first lines of story. NOTE: This site has a link to a social network site.
This page has guidelines for using anticipation as a strategy to increase students prediction skills before reading. Includes templates and examples for different subject areas. NOTE: This site has a link to a social network site.
This lesson plan uses circular and cyclical plot stories to teach about making predictions in reading and writing. NOTE: There are links to external sites.
See a teacher model prediction strategies and students then apply the strategy to the reading.
Here is another strategy that can help students make predictions about the text that they are going to read. NOTE: This site has a link to a social network site.
This 13-page slide describes the differences between prediction and inference strategies. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Students make predictions after viewing the title and pictures of an online story. Then they check their predictions by reading the story.
This seven-page PDF file has activities that use the list-group-label as a method for making predictions when approaching a new reading assignment.
This two-page PDF file worksheet has an a graphic organizer and examples of using clues while reading a story to make predictions about the story.
In this lesson plan, students will make predictions on a fairy tale, The King's Choice. Scroll down for more activities and resources for making predictions. NOTE: This site contains ads.
These websites can help elementary students learn how to infer while reading. There are activities, graphic organizers, and short lessons on inference. Includes a link on inference for middle school students.

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