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Aerodynamics for High School

Learn about aerodynamics and related physics laws. Includes tutorials, presentations, interactive simulations, and experiments. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Aerodynamics, Science: Rockets, and Aviation: Wright Brothers.


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This website provides learners with a basic look at aerodynamics; including examples of aerodynamics in daily life and topics including Newton's Laws of motion, terminal velocity, air resistance and more.
This interactive, educational website is dedicate to aerodynamics; includes information on basic forces, design considerations for planning new aircrafts, and a discussion about fluid dynamics.
This site includes links to rocket activities; including Hero Engine, Rocket Car, Rocket Pinwheel, Antacid Tablet, Paper Rocket, Pencil Rocket, Match Rocket, Newton Car, Balloon Staging, Altitude Tracking, and home activities.
This video chronicles the Mars Exploration Rover landing in January 2004; includes learning activities.
This site provides tutorials related to aerodynamics. Includes interactive simulations and experimental ideas.
Learn how airflow and wing design affect the speed of a Formula One car. Includes audio clips.
View a presentation about the fundamentals of flight.
Here are PowerPoint presentations related to space flight and rockets that are available for educators to download.
This page has several science project ideas on aerodynamics and hydrodynamics.
Read an article from National Geographic about research in the aerodynamics of fruit flies. NOTE: This site includes ads.
In this activity, students build a simple wind tunnel to help formulate and answer questions about how wind influences animals and plants.
Learn about the study of gases in motion called aerodynamics. Find out how this science applies to airplanes, parachutes, cars, bridges, buildings, living things, and more. Learn Bernoulli's principle, laws of aerodynamics, and its basics forces of gravity, lift, drag, and thrust. Get acquainted with shock waves, propulsion, and other forces. There are links to eThemes Resources on related topics of gravity, aviation and aircrafts, parachutes, and water-bottle rockets.
Learn about rocket science. Explore a timeline of rocket development from 100 B.C to our days. Find out about the first Earth's artificial satellite, Sputnik, and the space race between two countries. Read biographies of famous scientists and their rockets. Learn principles of rocketry and the physics and mathematics involved. There is a link to an eThemes resource on water bottle rockets. Includes a lesson plan, online rocket launch simulations, and photographs.
These sites are about the Wright Brothers and their early airplanes. Includes biographies on Wilbur and Orville that tell about their family and careers. Discover what inspired them to build planes. Contains historical photographs, movies, diaries, interviews, and simulations. There are links to eThemes Resources on Transportation: Aircraft, Aviation: Military Aircraft, and Aviation: Activities for Junior and High School Students.

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