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Literature: "The Best School Year Ever" by Barbara Robinson

These sites are about “The Best School Year Ever” and author Barbara Robinson. There are various reading and vocabulary activities for the classroom. Includes some sites on kindness, cooperation, and bullying. There are links to eThemes Resources on Book Activities, Story Elements, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” by Barbara Robinson, and “The Best Halloween Ever” by Barbara Robinson


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Includes a short profile on Barbara Robinson and information about her books.
This link provides a synopsis, discussion questions, and extension activities for "The Best School Year Ever".
A teacher discusses how she uses "The Best School Year Ever" in her classroom. Note: This site has a link leads to discussion board and includes ads.
This is a literature guide for "The Best School Year Ever."
Take this interactive quiz over the book. The quiz has 15 questions.
Click "Look inside" to read the excerpts from the book or click "Audio Excerpt" to listen to an audio excerpt.
Find out how other students think about this book from the book reviews.
This page provides classroom activities and guided discussion questions for assessing student's understanding after reading the book. Rubrics are included.
These hands-on activities can be used to supplement almost any book. Includes class activities to increase reading comprehension and vocabulary.
This resource includes information and hands-on activities about story elements such as setting, characters, and plot. Also includes activitites about sequencing and cause and effect.
These sites provide activities to go along with the book "The Best Christmas Pagent Ever" by Barbara Robinson.
These websites are about the book "The Best Halloween Ever," author Barbara Robinson, and Halloween. There are reviews of the book, an excerpt from the book, and Halloween-themed math lesson plans. Includes links to eThemes on Halloween and other Robinson books.



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