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Author Study: Edgar Allan Poe

Learn more about American Gothic author Edgar Allan Poe. Includes full-text versions of his stories and poems, plus information about his life. There are lesson plans and suggested classroom activities. Includes an eThemes resource on the short story “The Fall of the House of Usher.”


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This is a lesson plan challenging students to decide how they would adapt the short story "The Tale-Tell Heart" into a play. Each group can also write and perform at least one scene. This lesson can be adapted for older students.
Explore the links to learn more about Poe and to read letters written to him and by him. Click on "Works" to read his poems and tales. Other links lead to descriptions of his house and grave.
Read a teacher's tips for helping students distinguish between Poe and the narrators in his stories. There is also a suggestion that teachers help students understand what was going on during the time period that Poe wrote his stories.
This interactive site has a lot of information about the author, plus games and interactive maps relating to his life and works. NOTE: This site is for older students and includes external links to sites that have discussion boards.
This essay is about the humor and satire in Poe's writing. Includes links to the full text of some of his works.
This lesson plan has students work in groups for activities relating to "The Raven."
This one-page PDF file has an activity that challenges students to plan a film version of "Annabel Lee" or "Eldorado."
This museum site includes a biography of his life and samples of some of his works. There is also an online quiz.
This 34-page PDF file has information about the American Gothic genre. There are several biographies of Gothic writers and good background information on what was taking place in America in the early 19th century.
Click on "Teacher's Handbook" for a 58-page PDF file. This handbook has a biography and a time line.
Read a description of the Gothic genre. Click on "Influences" and "Classifications" to understand how this genre relates to others.
This digital archive incorporates images of Poe's manuscripts, letters, portraits, newspaper articles, and more.
Here are web resources about the short story "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allen Poe. There are study questions, background information, an audio recoding of the story, and a quiz. Included is an eThemes resource about the author.

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