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Transportation: Trains

Read all about railroads and trains. View historical photographs of trains or tune in to live shots from Webcams. There are also audio and video files about this mode of transportation. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on the transcontinental railroad.


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Learn about the railroads impact on California's history as well as on the Gold Rush. Also visit the Kids Corner and read about railroad safety.
Read about and see pictures of the famous Katy Railroad steam train. This is the official homepage of the Katy Railroad Historical Society.
Learn the history of the Union pacific Railroad. Also find a timeline of railroads, maps of UPR destinations, an evolution of the UPRs logo, and biographies of significant UPR individuals.
This PBS Web site provides an excellent timeline to follow the history of railroads in the United States. The timeline spans from 1830 through 1980 and includes pictures of important events.
This Web site has a map that shows many of the railroad tracks that span the United States.
This Web site contains information on railroads, steam engines, and trains. Read the information, then take an interactive quiz on the material.
Learn all about the history of the Central Pacific Railroad. The site includes pictures of the trains, the tracks, and those who laid the track by hand.
This is an American Memory collection of railroad maps. Select browse by geographic location to find Missouri.
This is a PBS site on the streamliner trains introduced in the 1930s.
Learn some fun facts from the railroad world.
This short chapter written for children teaches about the trains as a major type of transportation in history. Take the "Chapter Two Quiz" to see what you remember from the reading.
Learn about the history, construction, and impact of the first transcontinental railroad in the United States. Includes historic photographs, maps, and suggested classroom activities.

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