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Animals: Mountain Goats

These sites are about mountain goats, including their characteristics, diet, habitat, and more. Watch videos of baby goats, listen to audio clips of their bleating, and view a map showing where they live.


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This article explains many facts about mountain goats, but the reading level is for older students.
This is a good children's site about mountain goats. Use the links at the left to read goat facts, play goat games, and test your goat knowledge.
This article introduces the living environment of mountain goats, their characteristics, food, and habitats.
See 12 photographs of mountain goats in the wild by nature photographer Steve Matherly. NOTE: Although these photographs need not be purchased to be viewed on the Web, there are links that lead the viewer to a page where they may be purchased.
Read brief facts about this animal. Includes an illustration.
Read the fact sheets help you to identify the characteristics of mountain goats. Includes a map showing their distribution.
Here is an animal profile of the mountain goat, including fast facts and pictures. Explore the links at the bottom to learn about other high-altitude animals.
Here is a short, informative article about mountain goats.

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