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Egypt: Ancient Culture

These sites have information about Ancient Egyptian culture, society, and geography. Topics include the people, art treasures, hieroglyphic messages, mummies, and more. Includes links to eThemes Resources on Egyptian Pyramids and Modern Culture.


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Includes photos of the Sphinx, Toutankhamon and other artifacts of Ancient Egyptians. For fun, try the jigsaw puzzles of each picture.
Choose a time period on this interactive site. This is a great site for timeline information or to learn about famous historical people. See if you can find Archimedes on the timeline, click, and a brief history will appear.
Take a tour along the Nile, Inner Egypt or the Red Sea and get a brief history along with a look at the animals of Egypt.
A history of Egypt for kids.
Click on the links and get great pictures and lots of information. An added bonus is a glossary--if you click highlighted words, you will get a definition.
Learn about the hairstyles in ancient Egypt. This is an entertaining, interactive site that lets you change the Egyptians' hairstyles.
See the inside view of a mummy. Click a "Mummy Movie" link at the bottom.
Learn about the Nile, pyramids, mummies, and more on this fun site. Includes games.
Explore different areas of the lives of Ancient Egyptians. The site is filled with glyphs and illustrations.
Learn all about ancient Egypt on this website. Some words have sound files next to them, so you can find out what they sound like. Pages may take a moment to load.
This website has many lesson plans about ancient Egypt. There are lesson plans for art, language arts, math, science, and social studies. Click on "Mummies" for a lesson plan on how students can create their own mummies.
Teach students to mummify a fish with this lesson plan. Includes handouts.
A complete lesson plan on how to make mummies.
A variety of sites to help in discovering and learning about Egypt and the Pyramids. Includes lots of illustrations and interactive opportunities.
These sites are about ancient Egyptian tombs and mummies. Includes information about the tombs of Pharaohs, craftsmen, scribes, and workers in/near the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, as well as sites on Egyptian religion, burial practices, and beliefs about the afterlife. Also includes games, a quiz, and student-created websites. There are also links to the related eThemes Resources about ancient Egypt and the pyramids.
Information about the people, popular attractions, foods, entertainment, and culture of modern Egypt. Sites contain images, video, and audio.

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