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Communication Arts: Public Service Announcements

These sites are about producing public service announcements (PSAs). Learn techniques on scripting writing and story boarding. A number of examples of audio and video PSAs can be found. Teaching plans are also included. There are also links to eThemes Resources on writing persuasion and advertisements.


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Learn the definition and history of Public Service Announcements. Includes a museum of PSA's as well as the history and how to get involved.
Learn concepts of Public Service Announcements (PSAs). Here are a number of links to well-known PSAs in the United States.
This site provides several video samples of Public Service Announcements. The first three samples ("Tampa Bay: Living Legacy", "Down the Drain", and "Methanol Fuel Cell Vehicles: The Clear Alternative") in this website are all related to the topic of "Man & Nature".
Here is a public service announcement (PSA) about how to be a responsible pet owner in order to protect animals and plants.
Learn audio public service announcements on various topics such as boat and water safety, the threat of invasive species, protecting and sustaining wildlife. Audio clips are saved in MP3 format.
This site is an online information library dedicated to public service advertising. Learn about PSA bibliography, media profile, glossary, and case studies.
This website contains a number of public service announcements (PSA) used for providing information to people in the hurricane affected areas. Audio clips and transcripts are also included. Audiences can listen to a PSA online by clicking the file name or download a PSA to personal computer by right-click on the PSA name and select Save/Save Target As.
Learn techniques on Writing Public Service Announcements. NOTE: This site has links to external sites.
Here is a teaching plan on producing Public Service Announcements. Click the link of "Project URL", the teaching plan can be found.
Here are 22 examples of Video Public Service Announcements. All movies can be viewed in a pop-up window and cover various topics regarding fire protection.
Here are six examples of Audio Public Service Announcements. Topics are related to fire protection.
An eight-page pdf provides tips for writing an effective PSA which is worth airing and hearing. Includes short examples.
Students will conduct research on copyright and intellectual property rights and then use the information to create a campagin to raise copyright awareness. Includes online resources and examples of PSA. NOTE: This site has links to external sites.
This site contains media and examples of public service announcements (PSAs) written by students. Click "Resources" to find infornation about production tools.
These sites focus on persuasive and argumentative writing for middle and high school students. Learn about the persuasive techniques used in letters, essays, and advertisements. There are suggested hands-on activities, graphic organizers, writing prompts, and assessment sheets. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on debate.
Explore these web pages to learn how to write good advertisements. Find out what the target audience is, how to create a right appeal, and what words to use for a successful advertisement. Includes quotes on advertising by David Ogilvy, lists of top advertisements and slogans, lesson plans, work sheets, and in class activities. Includes links to the eThemes resource on Advertisements and Persuasive Writing.

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