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Science: Lab Safety

These sites are about laboratory safety and how to use use lab equipment. There are interactive games, quizzes, worksheets, and podcasts. Includes two eThemes resources on Scientific Method and Scientific Principles.


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This PDF file includes information for students about safety in a school chemistry lab.
Answer these ten questions about proper lab safety practices. When you have successfully completed the quiz, you can print out a certificate. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links.
Watch these short video podcasts about lab safety.
This page contains a list of basic laboratory safety procedures.
View this gallery of science lab safety symbols.
Answer these ten questions to test your knowledge of science hazard symbols.
Answer these ten questions to review your knowledge of proper lab safety procedures.
Try this quiz to see if you can properly identify laboratory equipment.
Play this game to see if you can match the lab equipment with its intended use.
Here are more games about lab equipment use.
Play this battleship game by correctly answering the questions about lab safety to score hits against your enemy's ships.
Here is another quiz over lab safety rules.
Listen to this episode to learn how medieval chemists, or alchemists, protected themselves against lead poisoning, and why goggles are better protection than glasses.
Here is a short quiz over safety rules for different kinds of labs: physics, chemistry, and biology.
These sites describe the general method used in scientific research. They also include the research process, the role and purpose of theory, and the history of the method. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on science fair projects.
Find out what scientific method is all about. Learn major principles in science: problem, hypothesis, observations, experiments, theory, and law. Take quizzes to test the hypothesis that you know how to do science. Includes a video, animation, online quizzes, lesson plans, and printable worksheets. There are links to eThemes resources on scientific method, qualities of a scientist, understanding science, and science fair.

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