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These sites provide information about open and closed adoptions, adoption procedures, costs, and practices of adoption in the US as compared to foreign countries. Some sites also provide statistics regarding the most common foreign countries adoptions are from and most common ages of children adopted.


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This site has definitions for both open and closed adoptions. Learn the Pros and Cons of both types of adoptions.
This site contains tips for open adoption.
Listen to broadcast programs regarding international adoptions from the BBC. This program discusses the procedures and cases of adopting children from foreign counties such as China and Romania.
With regard to international adoption, Korea is the major sending country to the United States from 1955 to 1995. Click on "listen" link to learn the insiders stories of foreign adoption.
This site contains a fact sheet for planning the budget for adopting a child.
This site highlights the survey results of adoption costs in 2005.
This site shows the statistics of inter-country adoptions in Canada in 2005.
Study the statistics provided by this site and find out what are the most common foreign countries adopted from, what are the most common ages of children adopted, and how much it costs to adopt.
This site contains nine adoption testimonials from families who have adopted children. NOTE: Ads included for books about adoption.
This site has six testimonials from birth parents sharing their adoption stories. NOTE: Shockwave is required. NOTE: Site has links to discussion boards.

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