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These sites focus on advertisements and how to identify intended messages conveyed through oral and visual media. Lesson plans, classroom activities, interactive games, pictures, and video clips are included. There is a link to the eThemes resource on Writing Advertisements.


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This student-created website provides information about components used in advertising.
Find out about different techniques used in advertising. Pictures and video clips are included. NOTE: This site is a sales site.
This interactive quiz is designed to increase students' knowledge and understanding of alcohol marketing aimed at youth in Canada. Explanation is provided for each question.
This interactive educational game helps to teach kids how to spot online marketing strategies, protect their personal information and avoid online predators.
This theme consists of four lessons which include activities that help students understand of different messages that are delivered by different groups about alcohol. Other related lessons are located on the right menu.
Play an interactive game and learn about different marketing techniques used for food marketing on the in web. Scroll down to start the game.
In this lesson, students will learn to interpret advertising messages used by beer companies.
Watch a 90-minute documentary from Frontline to learn about how adverterisers use different methods to persuade consumers what to buy, whom to trust, and what to think. Find out how they use emotions to influence buying behavior. NOTE: The content and language are appropriate for older students.
Explore these web pages to learn how to write good advertisements. Find out what the target audience is, how to create a right appeal, and what words to use for a successful advertisement. Includes quotes on advertising by David Ogilvy, lists of top advertisements and slogans, lesson plans, work sheets, and in class activities. Includes a link to the eThemes resource on persuasive writing.

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