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Author Study: David Shannon

These websites are about the author and illustrator David Shannon and his books. Find out which books he has written and illustrated. Look at pictures from his books and read his biography. Also includes interviews and teaching ideas. There are some links that will give students tips on writing their own children’s books.


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This detailed lesson plan describes the writing process for students to follow when writing a book in the style of David Shannon.
Find out about the books Shannon has written and illustrated. Click on "No David" or "David Goes to School" at the bottom of the page to learn more about these popular books.
Read this biography of the author, David Shannon. Click on "Interview Transcript" to read an interview with him. Some of the books included in the "Booklist" have teaching ideas.
Before you begin writing your own story, read these ten tips for young writers. NOTE: This site has links lead to external websites.
Find out what makes a good story, and then begin writing your own story.
This printable one-page PDF file will help you plan your own children's book.
Watch short video interviews with David Shannon to learn more about his life and works. Note: This site includes ads and links to external websites.

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