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Math: Place Value

These sites focus on place value and cover basic concepts and place value charts. Includes many interactive games and quizzes. There are also some activity ideas and video clips.


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Explore these links on place values. Each topic has a description of the concept followed by an interactive game. NOTE: This site has banner ads.
This activity uses a deck of cards to have students create numbers.
Learn more about the importance of place values in this lively presentation. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to message boards.
Play this game and try to create the largest number from the values you are given.
Choose among these four interactive online games and practice your place value skills.
Print out the spinner and play this game about place value.
Use this digital counter to teach students about place value. The clock can be started, stopped, and reset. NOTE: This site has pop-up and banner ads.
Watch this video about a girl who has to devise a way to count all the runners in a marathon. Her solution involves place value. NOTE: Requires RealPlayer.
Play this game and try to come up with a number larger than the one given. Notice the importance of place value when comparing numbers.
Read some ideas about how to teach students about place value.
This site includes a place value chart and some basic exercises you can print out. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Use your place value knowledge to solve the math riddles. NOTE: The site leads to a website with discussion boards.
This is a fun activity idea about place value and rounding. NOTE: The site includes ads. The site leads to a website with discussion boards.
This site has five activity ideas about place value.
Think of a number, type it in and say it out loud, then find out how to write the number. The game does not allow you to use decimal points.
There are two ways to play this interactive game. You can click on the "Choose Place Value" game to be quizzed on which number is in a certain place value or click on "Rounding" to try rounding numbers to certain place values. You can also try the different difficulty levels. NOTE: This site has pop-up and banner ads.
This is a hands-on activity that helps students physically see what place value means. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read the place value rap.
Print out this page and learn how using visuals can help students learning with place value.
Here is a worksheet to help students practice place value.
This site provides information for teachers on presenting place-value in a way to helps students better understand the concept.
This lesson plan provides a class activity that can be used with kids from first through six grades. NOTE: The site includes ads and a chat forum.
This site provides help for teachers on how to teach kids to place values. Includes practice worksheets. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Click on the thumbnails of the worksheets to enlarge them. They can be printed out for students to practice placing values. NOTE: This site has pop-up and banner ads.
This site has an interactive place-value chart to practice finding the value of each digit in a number.

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