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Alabama: Famous People

Learn about famous people from Alabama from a wide variety of disciplines. Read about famous leaders, writers, military personnel, musicians, athletes and many more. Includes eThemes Resources on Helen Keller and Rosa Parks.


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This site lists each of Alabama's governor's and has a biography for each. There is also a link to biographies of several former First Lady's of Alabama.
Learn about the historical meeting of Chief Tuskaloosa and Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto. This site explains how the state of Alabama still bears influence from this Native American leader.
This site offers two lesson plans based on Harper Lee's classic "To Kill a Mockingbird". The lesson plans center around the concept of courage and gives specific directions for students as they read the book.
This site gives a comprehensive overview of Mr. Cole's life, work and family. Included is a timeline of Mr. Cole's life containing highlights of his life and career.
Learn about Coretta Scott King's life and achievements in the field of civil rights. This site includes a complete biography, several video interviews, and a series of photographs.
This site talks about the education, life, and political career of Alabama governor George Wallace. It also includes transcripts of Wallaces 1963 inaugural address and the famous "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door" speech.
Learn about Willie Mays' life from childhood to the Baseball Hall of Fame. This site includes a complete biography, an extensive video interview and a series of photographs from Mr. Mays' entire life.
This site gives extensive information about native Alabaman, Frank M. Johnson who served as a federal judge for 44 years and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This site includes a complete biography, an extensive video interview and a series of photographs.
Learn about Hank Williams' life and musical career both with roots in Alabama. The site includes an interactive timeline and a number of audio clips from Mr. Williams' friends and family. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Read about Helen Keller, a deaf and blind woman who fought for the rights of people with vision and hearing problems. Learn how she communicated with others and used this talent to share her ideas and beliefs. Includes letters, memorabilia, and several photographs, plus suggested classroom activities. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on disability awareness and another on "The Miracle Worker" by William Gibson.
Read about Rosa Parks and her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. Learn the truth behind some of the myths surrounding her story. Includes biographies, photographs, and interviews. There are links to eThemes Resources on the Civil Rights Movement and famous black Americans.

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