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Alabama: State Facts

This site includes information about Alabama state history, state symbols, education, economy, statistics, as well as fun facts about the state. Explore state maps and take a quiz to test your knowledge on Alabama geography.


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Find state facts regarding population, geography, and business from U.S Census Bureau website.
Here is a list of state facts about Alabama.
This site includes a list of governors' names and the state song of Alabama state. Click on the media player and listen to the state song. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here is a variety of information about Alabama such as climate, mineral resources, rivers, and more.
This website provides information about Alabama state facts, maps, and state symbols. Here is also a map quiz that can be printed out. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This is an introduction to the state of Alabama. Topics include geography and historical significance.
This site provides information about the state of Alabama. Select a category from the links list on the left site of this page ot click on the icons on the right side.
This site includes information about Alabama's education, economy, government, and state symbols. NOTE: This site contains ads.
From this quick table, you can find the race facts in Alabama.
Find state facts, geography, and history of Alabama on this site.

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