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American Sign Language

These sites help students learn basic American Sign Language. Includes animations, illustrations, lesson plans, and online games. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on disability awareness.


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This site has guidelines with illustrations for constructing sentences using American Sign Language.
Pick a word from the right and then watch a video of a person signing that word. Requires QuickTime.
Learn how to write down sign language. Click on "Library" to see online children's stories translated into signwriting.
Play this online game and try to identify the correct letter or number according to the signs.
Read a student report on the history of sign language and view photographs showing the alphabet.
Click on "Learn ASL" to find out how different words and numbers are signed. Includes photographs.
This site includes lists of bulletin board cards and flash cards for different signs. NOTE: Contains Google ads.
This site includes flash cards you can print out.
Read an encyclopedia entry about American Sign Language.
This site has lesson plans for teaching American Sign Language.
This is a simple lesson plan to help elementary students learn American Sign Language. NOTE: The site has pop-up ads.
This site allows you to learn more about people who are deaf. Includes videos and transcripts.
These sites are about different types of disabilities and answer common questions children have. Learn how visual and hearing impaired people use Braille and American Sign Language. Also covers how the law protects people with disabilities.

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