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Animals: Albinos

Learn about albino animals including what they are, basic facts, and examples of a wide variety of animals with albinism. Several photographs are included.


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Learn more about albinism. The Missouri Conservation site talks about albinism as an inherited trait and the perils that come with animals who have it. Also learn about various types of Albinism.
Learn more about albinism and melanin found in animals by looking at pictures and reading through this six page PDF article.
Read about what makes an animal an "albino" and details about the the degrees of albinism. The site also has photos of several albino animals and birds.
See a wide variety of albino creatures here. This site includes images of albino fish, reptiles, and amphibians.
This site details the basics behind albinism. Learn about albino tigers. Do they exist? Specifically learn about how white tigers have been commonly mistaken for albino tigers. NOTE: This site contains ads and requires Shockwave to play video.
Learn about albinos and how their color can impact their lives in regard to predators. NOTE: This site contains promotional ads by the NWF.
See a photograph of an albino alligator.
The slide show set to music features various albino animals. (Total running time: 3:45) NOTE: This site includes ads. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board (message, forum, etc.).
This blog features an albino hummingbird and explores some of the basics of albinism. NOTE: This site includes ads.

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