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Animals: Alligators

Learn about alligators, the largest predator reptile. Find out how many species of these animals exist today in the world. Discover where they live, how they hunt, and how they care for their young. Includes photographs, audio and video files, quizzes, and a worksheet. There is a link to eThemes resources on crocodiles.


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Use this site for factual information, videos, and photographs of the American alligator.
Learn about the order Crocodylia which includes crocodiles and alligators. Learn the difference between the two families of reptiles. NOTE: This site includes ads. NOTE: This site includes a message board.
Read about living with alligators and about a man whose occupation is trapping alligators. Safety tips for being around these reptiles are given.
Watch this video to learn fun and interesting facts about alligators.
This site provides factual information about the American Alligator and the Chinese Alligator. NOTE: This site contains advertising.
Learn about alligators - the carnivorous reptiles. Learn about the different types, how they differ from crocodiles, how they move, what they eat, and where they live. Click on the "Alligator Printout" link to learn more about the animal's anatomy.
Click on the icon to read about these reptiles habitats, behavior, communication, and their role in ecosystem. Click on the camera icon to view photographs of alligators.
This site has photographs of the white alligator and two short movies of an alligator swimming and walking. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This is an official site of an alligator farm. Click on the "Maximo" link to learn about alligators Maximo and Sydney and their life on farms. Select the "Explore the Zoo" link and click on the "Video" to view clips of alligators on the farm.
These printable cards can be used by teachers and students to write facts about alligators.
Learn detailed facts about the American alligator on this site. Scroll down to the "Multimedia" box for audio and video clips and a printable factsheet about alligators. NOTE: contains banner ads.
Read this article to find out more of how the bumps on alligators jaws are actually sensory organs.
These sites are about the habitat, reproduction, appearance, and diet of the American, Morelet, Nile and Salt Water crocodile. Learn how these animals differ from alligators. Includes photographs, videos, audio clips, and an online quiz.

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