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Animals: Bobcats

Learn about the bobcat and its habitat, eating habits, physical appearance, and more. Includes coloring pages, photographs, and fact sheets. Find out which U.S. president had a bobcat as a pet. There are also links to eThemes Resources on animal tracks and food chains.


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Learn about the bobcat with this fact sheet from Kids' Planet.
Print out this page to color the picture of a bobcat.
Click on this interactive map to explore the different species of cats that exist around the world. Click on "North America" to find bobcats.
Read about the bobcat on this page. Includes key facts about the species and pictures. It also has a map showing the location of the species.
Find out which President of the United States had a bobcat as a pet.
Students can color this labeled illustration of a bobcat. NOTE: This site has Google banner ads.
See pictures of both young and adult bobcats and learn how they survive in the wilderness.
Learn all about bobcats on this page. Includes information on their habitat, physical description, and food habits. There is a survey of 41 bobcats that details what they ate. Also includes a diagram of bobcat tracks.
Read about bobcats and see what their tracks look like. NOTE: This site contains Google and other ads.
These sites are about animal tracks. Learn how to identify an animal from its tracks. Make a cast of animal tracks. Take an online quizz to practice identifying tracks. eThemes Resources on animal adaptations, habitats, and Missouri animals are included.
Describes various food chains and webs. Includes consumer, producer, prey, and predator.

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