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Animals: Coyotes

These sites are about the coyote, a shy wolf-related mammal. Learn about coyote behavior, habitats, diet, reproduction, life cycle, and predators. View their photographs, listen to the animals call, and watch movies about them. Includes a labeled print out, images of paw prints, range maps, and a video legend.


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Find out how fast coyote can spring and why man is the greatest enemy of the coyote. NOTE: This site contains banner ads.
Here is basic facts and information about the coyote.
Here are brief facts about coyote and a labeled printout for younger kids. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Print out and color the coyote on this page.
Learn more about coyotes. Click on photographs to enlarge and select the "Sound" link to listen to coyotes.
Find out about coyotes habitats and diet in Alaska.
Learn more about coyotes and their occurrences in Illinois.
Learn the historical root of the coyote's name. Scroll down the page and read how people can avoid conflicts with the animal.
Watch and listen to the Native American legend about a coyote who out smarted a rock as told by Lawrence Aripa, a storyteller.
Here is a coyote puppet that can be printed off and colored, which is better suited for younger students.
This site helps answer questions about interacting with coyotes in the wild and provides information about their natural habitats. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Learn more about coyotes and their connection to their distant cousins, dogs and wolves. NOTE: This site contains ads.

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