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Animals: Endangered Species

These sites have descriptions of endangered species and include explanations for why certain animals are in peril. There are graphic organizers and Venn diagrams. Includes links to many eThemes Resources on habitats and specific endangered animals, such as lemurs, cheetahs, chimpanzees, tigers, and more.


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Click the links of the different continents and learn about the endangered animals that live there. NOTE: Use the text links instead of picture links.
This student-created site has a list of endangered species as well as information about how you can help. There is also an interactive story, still pictures, audio and video clips.
Learn about the life cycle of the sea otter at this student-created site. Includes a link to an "Ottercam" that has live images of otters.
By using the EekoWorld activities, students can learn how their actions can have a positive or negative effect on the environment. You can create your own creature and then play the game. The choices you make in the games effect your creature's ability to survive. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site contains information on the Endangered Species Act, and an index of fact sheets on numerous endangered animals. Most of the fact sheets contain illustrations. NOTE: This site links to sites with banner ads.
This site has several stories about different endangered animals. You can see a different on by hitting the "Refresh" button, or explore the links on the left to take a virtual tour of the museum exhibit.
This site has facts about sea turtles and maps of sea turtle nesting sites.
Explore this site and learn more about the reasons some animals are endangered. Includes a list of endangered species and a map that breaks the species down by state.
This site has lots of information and illustrations of whales. Click on "Extreme Whales" for more information about the Blue Whale and other species. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This is a list of links to endangered and extinct species. Each link has a picture and description of the species.
This site has many worksheets and graphic organizers that can be printed out. There are research organizer cards and Venn diagrams. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site has many printouts of endangered animals that you can color. There is also a calendar. NOTE: This site includes ads.
These sites are about chimpanzees and their behavior, communication skills, habitat, diet, endangered status, and more. Learn how some chimpanzees in captivity can communicate through sign language and how others in the wild have learned to use tools. There are many video and audio files, plus online games.
These sites include reasons why tigers are endangered, tiger conservation efforts and what can be done to help, and tigers' natural habitat and distribution.
Learn about the Siberian tiger, the largest of the wild cats. Includes basic facts about this endangered animals' unusual coloring, behavior, habitat, and diet. There are video clips, photographs, and an online game, plus a link to eThemes Resources on tigers and white tigers.
These sites are about leopards and their characteristics, hunting abilities, and habitat. Find out why they like to eat their food in trees. Includes many photographs and video clips of this endangered animal.
These sites are about the habitat, diet, and behavior of the elusive jaguar. Learn why they are endangered and why tracking them is so difficult. Includes movies, sound files, and an online game.
These sites are about African and Asiatic cheetahs, which are endangered animals. Read about their diet, habitat, behavior, life cycle, and offspring. Includes audio and video clips of cheetahs.
These sites are about rhinoceroses, the second biggest land mammal. Learn about the five species and their physical characteristics, behaviors, and habitats. Find out why these animals are endangered and what is being done to protect them. View live images from a Webcam, watch several videos, and take online quizzes.
These sites are about giant and red panda bears. Learn about their native habitats, what they eat, and why they are endangered. See live views of pandas through several Web cams, watch videos, and listen to audio clips of a panda bleating, honking, and barking.
These sites have information on manatees, an endangered species. Read about their behavior, reproduction, and habitat. View photographs, videos, and a live Webcam of these underwater animals. Includes information about the manatee's hearing problem and ways to protect them from boating accidents.
These sites are about lemurs, a type of primate native to the island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa. Learn about several species such as the ring-taled, red-ruffed, black, and dwarf lemur. There are many photographs and a few video clips. Includes articles about researchers trying to protect the forest habitat of these endangered animals.
This resource covers the different ecosystems on our planet. Find out how these biomes differ, what characteristics make them unique, and where they are located. Includes a map of the different habitats found in Missouri and information about habitats in Utah.
Visit zoos around the nation and learn about the animals who live in these man-made environments, including lions, tigers, elephants, and more. Includes a virtual zoo, interactive games and quizzes, animal videos and sounds, lesson plans, and craft ideas. Don't miss the Cyber Tiger site, where students act as a zookeeper, and Switcheroo Zoo, which allows students to create their own animals.

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