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Animals: German Shepherds

These sites are about German shepherds, a breed of herding dogs. Read about their history, appearance, and temperament. Find out why German shepherds are used as guide dogs, rescue dogs, and K-9 dogs. An eTheme resource on dogs is also included.


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Read this encyclopedia entry about German shepherds. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
Read this breed profile on German shepherds. Includes a short video. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
Learn about what makes a German Shepherd a German Shepherd on this site. The text is available as a PDF and it is printable. Click on "Breed History" in the site navigation sidebar to learn more about the history of the breed. NOTE: This site includes links to an online store, vendors, and breeders.
See photographs of the German Shepherd Dog and watch a five minute video about the breed. Click on the thumbnail photograph with the words "Watch Video" underneath it to view the clip. Read an overview of the dog, see statistics, learn about care, health, and history by clicking on the appropriate tabs. NOTE: This site includes banner and other ads, links to social networking sites, and a message board.
This site is about the temperament and physical characteristics of German shepherds, plus the responsibilities of owning one. NOTE: This site includes banner ads and sponsored links.
This labeled illustration of German shepherd can be printed out for coloring. NOTE: This site includes banner ads and sponsored links.
Look over a table of facts about this type of working dog. NOTE: This site has dog-related ads.
Learn general facts about K-9 police dogs. NOTE: This site links to a gift shop.
This is a story about dogs used in the rescue efforts following the September 11 tragedy. The reading level is for older students. NOTE: This site includes banner ads, other types of ads, and sponsored links.
Learn about different breeds of dogs and their origins. There are quizzes to help you determine which breed of dog would be good for you and your family. Includes activities, encyclopedia articles, and printouts. There are links to various eThemes resources on different types of dogs.

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