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Animals: Jaguars

These sites are about the habitat, diet, and behavior of the elusive jaguar. Learn why they are endangered and why tracking them is so difficult. Includes movies, sound files, and an online game.


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Watch over twenty brief videos, see nearly fifty photographs, and read an informative fact file about the Jaguar. NOTE: This site links to social networking sites.
This site has some factual information plus a video, sound files, and photographs of jaguars.
Read a brief description of a jaguar. Includes an illustration.
This site introduces the physical characteristics and behavior of jaguars. The reading level is for older students.
Read simple facts about the animal including its status, size, life span, habitat, diet, etc.
Click on "Start" under the Food Web heading to play this interactive game about jaguars and their prey. Find out how they fit into the food chain.
Read about a jaguar sighting in the United States.
This page for kids has basic facts about jaguars. Includes a labeled illustration. NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
Read this encyclopedia entry about jaguars. NOTE: This site has banner ads.
Learn some reasons why some species are in peril and why they should be saved.
Use the links in the yellow boxes on the right side of the page to see video clips about jaguars and to listen to their calls. The left side of the page has photographs and a map. This multimedia site has images from a National Geographic photographer and includes audio of him talking about this animal. Requires Flash. NOTE: There is a link to an unmoderated forum.

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