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Physics: Buoyancy

Find out what causes objects to float or sink in water and how balloons float in the air. Learn about Archimedes principles and buoyant force. Includes online games, puzzles, interactive animations, science experiments, and a lesson plan.


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Watch the animated movie "Buoyancy" in the Science section to learn about positive, negative, and neutral buoyancy then take a quiz. Click on the "Activity Page" icon to solve a crossword. Go to the "How to with Gary and Gary" page to learn how to build a raft from empty plastic bottles. NOTE: The web site is available by subscription only.
Learn what the buoyancy is and click on the "Archimedes' principle" to learn how buoyancy work. NOTE: The site includes pop-up ads.
This simple experiment with two pieces of clay demonstrates how shape and total area of an object correlates with water pressure.
Explore the relationship between mass, volume, and density. Click on the image to start online interactive experience. NOTE: The site can only be used once per day by non-registered users.
See how much weight you can add to a log before it sinks. Change the length, mass, or radius of the log to see how they affect buoyancy. NOTE: The site can only be used once per day by non-registered users.
Read the text then scroll down to make the submarine rise or sink. NOTE: The site includes pop-up ads.
During this experiment children will observe how raisins sink and go up in a glass with the club soda.
Find out why boats might sink. Read the explanation than follow links to learn buoyancy basics and answer questions.
This experiment challenges students to build a boat that will carry eggs and not sink.
Find words related to buoyancy in this puzzle. Click the "New Game" button to begin. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Test your knowledge of buoyancy and play this interactive game. Drag the words down to complete the sentences correctly. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Take this online quiz to test your buoyancy knowledge. Click a point value button to begin the game. NOTE: The site includes ads.

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