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African American Colleges

These websites are about historically black colleges and Universities, or HBCUs. Students can learn about the history of these colleges, examine aspects of attending an HBCU, and find information about individual schools.


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Read this short article about the history of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
Watch or listen to this broadcast about the challenges faced by some Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the early twenty-first century.
Click on the first link to see if you know the answers to these questions about Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Try the second link for a word-find puzzle about black women in education.
Listen to this and related broadcasts about historically black campuses. Learn about diversity at HBCUs, their educational environment, and more.
Read or listen to this story about high school students' decisions whether or not to attend an HBCU. Includes links to related articles.
Here are facts about Spelman College and a timeline of Spelman's history.
Here are some facts about Morehouse College for men.
This site provides information on the White House Initiative for HBCUs. A state by state index outlines all of the historically black colleges and universities, and whether they are two or four year public or private institutions. The site also has links to available grants, scholarships, and fellowships.
This site gives a history of black colleges and universities and contains related links and articles that pertain to the college application process.
This site gives background information about the contemporary art exhibit, "To Conserve a Legacy: American Art from Historically Black Colleges and Universities".
Learn more about how the HCBU Library Alliance seeks to pool resources and enhance library skills at HCBUs across America.
This site gives a historical overview of HBCUs and includes a listing of notable individuals who have graduated from HBCUs and gone on to become famous for various reasons.

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