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Math: Subtraction

Learn how to subtract using the rule of regrouping. These sites have online lessons, PowerPoint presentations, and a rhyme that can help kids to understand how regrouping works. Includes printable worksheets and puzzles, online exercises and games. This page also includes a link to another eThemes resource on addition and subtraction.


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This video provides an explanation for regrouping and examples of when to regroup.
This video demonstrates subtraction with regrouping using two and three digit numbers. The pace is slow allowing students to grasp the concept. NOTE: This site contains advertising.
This video provides the purpose for borrowing. Use with students to explain why borrowing works to assist them with understanding the process.
Use this video to demonstrate to students how to use mental math to subtract with regrouping.
Students watching this demonstration will learn about place value, using a number line to subtract, and when to regroup.
Use this step-by-step activity with students to explain subtraction with regrouping.
The lesson on this page can teach kids how to perform subtraction using regrouping. Scroll down the page and select the "Problems" link to go to an exercise page.
This two-page PDF file has subtraction problems on the first page and the answers on the second.
Print out this one-page PDF worksheet and practice subtraction with regrouping.
This one-page PDF worksheet has 3-digit subtraction practice.
Choose links based on the level of difficulty among problems and solutions offered on this page. NOTE: The site leads to websites with message boards and ads.
These sites have interactive games, quizzes, and activities for addition and subtraction. There are also flashcards and sample questions you can print out.

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