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Anatomy: Muscular System

These sites offer factual information about the muscular system for students in the upper grades. There are interactive sites that allow you to explore the body’s muscles, plus numerous online quizzes to test your knowledge. Also includes activity and lesson ideas.


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This word search worksheet has terms associated with the mucsles in the body.
This is a lesson plan and activity designed for middle school students explaining the nature and functions of the muscles in the arms.
This site has two activities/lessons designed for high school students that can be adapted to any subject area. Requires students to research and present information in a book that they will make. NOTE: contains Google ads.
The page has information on the cardiac, skeletal, and smooth muscles, along with a list of related links. Click on "Muscle System." Also has graphics and a game.
Students can learn what muscles are made of and the difference between skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscles.
This is a hands-on/simulation activity designed for high school students. Students must build a doll (with strings) to simulate the muscular/bone structure. The site is complete with student handout, lesson plan, and materials needed.
This site discusses muscle types, muscle-bone interactions, and major skeletal muscles. To view other systems of the body, click on a picture to the left of the screen.
This site lists three instructional activities (range of motion, cubism, body language) designed for students.
Teams of students must choose a system of the body for which they will design a travel brochure. Requires research, organizational and presentation skills from the students and provides a rubric for grading for the educator.
Read this description of the muscular system.
Select a muscle group thumbnail from the menu, then roll your mouse over the large image. The muscle will be highlighted in the small diagram. Click on a muscle to see its name. When you are ready, each muscle group has a quiz.
Learn more about the types of muscles in the human body. Click on the muscle region of the body you want to know more about and then see the different types of muscles and how they move. NOTE: Flash player is needed to play games or view some files.
Play this twenty question hangman game to test your knowledge about the parts of the human muscular system.
This How Stuff Works site explains how muscles work. Click on "Next Page" or use the links in the table of contents to move through the pages. NOTE: The site has pop-up ads.

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