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Anatomy: Respiratory System for Middle and High School Students

These sites have information about the respiratory system for students in the upper grades. Discover the structure and functions of this system’s organs. Includes videos, diagrams, online games, experiments, and quizzes about the respiratory system. Includes links to an eThemes Resource on human body systems for younger grades and the circulatory system.


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Learn about how the body uses oxygen when it's exposed to extreme altitudes.
This site has a model of the lungs with illustrations and discusses the role lungs play in the cardiovascular system. Includes an activity for students to build a pair of lungs and to draw a diagram of the respiratory system.
Read about the respiratory system and how it delivers oxygen to the organs in the body.
This lung diagram can be printed out for students to label the various parts. NOTE: Contains ads by Google.
Click through the links in the menu on the left to view medical pictures of organs such as the trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli.
This How Stuff Works site explains how we breathe. Click on "Next Page" or use the links in the table of contents to move through the pages. NOTE: The site has pop-up ads.
This site provides some topics and issues related to the respiratory system. Choose information written for grades 4-6 or 7-12. Includes online games in the "Mad Lab" section. Choose "Teachers" for teacher resource ideas.
This student created ThinkQuest site teaches about the respiratory system and its organs.
Learn more about how the respiratory system works by using the experiment and diagrams outlined in this lesson plan.
Students will learn how to check their respiratory rate and what can make it change. Useful for this experiment is the respiratory rate chart at the bottom of the page.
This experiment helps students learn how different factors effect lung capacity. A short movie demonstrates this activity, but requires Shockwave.
This student created ThinkQuest site teaches about the respiratory system. Detailed illustrations and descriptions focus on the nose & throat, windpipe & bronchial tree, and lungs.
Learn more about the respiratory system through interactive tutorials and then test your knowledge through animated quizzes. NOTE: site contains pop up ads.
These sites provide information about the circulatory system for the upper grades. Learn about the different organs of the circulatory system and their functions. There are animations, online quizzes, games, and interactive tours of this system. eThemes Resource on the respiratory system and body systems for younger students are linked.
Learn about the different human body systems and how they function in these sites that are written for elementary students. Includes illustrations, animated movies, online quizzes, and interactive tours of the body. There are links to several eThemes Resources on anatomy for older students.

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