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Anatomy: Skeletal System

These sites explain how the skeletal system works. Learn about all the bones that make up the human body. Includes many photos, X-rays, and diagrams. There are some online quizzes and presentations, plus interactive tours of the body.


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Click on the skull for an interactive skeleton that allows you to click on the bones that you would like to know more about. Under this interactive skeleton, there are also links to topics such as bone cross section and broken bones.
This fun, multimedia site allows you to take a guided tour of a skeleton and its functions, build your own skeleton, or zoom in on bones to get a closer look.
This page descibes the structure and composition of bones. Very easy to understand with lots of color photos. At the end of the page, click on the "Next" arrow to learn more about the bones and to see photos of a bone biopsy.
This site decsribes the function of bones, determination of shape, and classification of bones (long,short,etc.).
This interactive site is about the human body. After entering the site, click on "Skeletal System" and then click on different bones to read about them.
This has a labeled skeleton, plus a quiz that you can print out.
You can compare human bones to animal bones. This is a fun site where you can click on a bone to learn more about it, plus see CT scans.
Scroll down to "Osteology" heading and then click on some of the bones for illustrations and explanations.
This is an online game in which you have to put the bones back together to form a skeleton. NOTE: Shockwave is required to run this site.

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