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Ancient Rome: Caesar Augustus

These sites are about Caesar Augustus and the transition from republic to empire. Many sites have photographs of Roman coins, sculptures, and antiquities. Includes lesson plans, timelines, quizzes. and more. Also included is an eThemes resource on ancient Rome.


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View a diagram and a photograph of the Roman Senate. Learn about the ancient Roman government. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
Learn about historical topics on the transition from republic to empire, as well as cultural topics on what it was like to live in the empire at that time.
This lesson plan includes activities, discussion questions, suggested readings and links, vocabulary terms, and more. NOTE: This site includes banner ads, other ads, and sponsored links.
Learn more about the main events in the life of Augustus and the Roman empire through this simple timeline.
Read this lecture on about what followed Caesar's death.
Read about the rise of Augustus Caesar and the transformation of Rome from a republic to an empire. Click on "Republic to Empire" in the sidebar on the right-hand side of the page to learn more about that transformation. On the bottom, click on "For Educators" for lesson plan ideas. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
This multiple choice quiz includes 22 questions about Augustus Caesar and Imperial Rome by which students can test their knowledge.
Read this lecture and see sculptures of the famous Augustus.
Students can test their knowledge on Augustus Caesar and the Pax Romana with this 10 question multiple choice quiz.
This timeline includes information on the final years of the Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire, as well as photographs of Roman coins.
This site has background information on Latin terminology.
Read this commentary and then click on "Who Am I" for a first person narrative. Teachers can find lesson plans by clicking on the "Teaching Materials" link at the top of the page.
Read this entry on Augustus from an online encyclopedia of Roman emperors.
Learn more about the history of Augustus, as well as other early emperors. NOTE: Contains banner ads.
Read a firsthand account of the deeds done by Augustus in his lifetime.
Learn about daily life in ancient Rome. Topics include architecture, food, Roman baths, roads, clothing, and more. Includes photographs of ancient art and Roman ruins, including the Colosseum, and Circus Maximus.

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