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Animals: Leopards

These sites are about leopards and their characteristics, hunting abilities, and habitat. Find out why they like to eat their food in trees. Includes many photographs and video clips of this endangered animal.


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Read an encyclopedia entry about this animal. NOTE: Site has banner and pop-up ads.
This site includes basic facts and other trivia about leopards.
This site has basic facts about leopards and includes a labeled illustration. NOTE: This site includes Google banner ads.
See photos, watch videos, and/or read about the leopard on this site by ARKive. Scroll down below the first band of images and locate the "Related Species" thumbnails on the right-hand side of the page. Click on the thumbnails of the Amur, Arabian, Persian, Sri Lankan, or Snow Leopards to view the ARKive pages of these relatives of the African Leopard. NOTE: This site links to social networking sites.
Students can test their knowledge of leopards with this ten question multiple-choice quiz. NOTE: This site includes banner ads and sponsored links.
Read a brief description of leopards. Includes an illustration.
Read basic facts about leopards, including their physical description, habitat, behavior, and diet.
This site contains basic facts about leopards. Includes pictures and an audio recording.
Learn about conservation efforts to save the African leopard. Includes lots of photographs and video footage of the animal. NOTE: This site links to social networking sites.
Browse through facts about leopards including its status, size, habitat, food, etc.
This site has basic facts about leopards, plus photographs and an audio clip.
Click on the image for an enlarged view that you can print out and color. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site has information about different species of leopards. View photographs and listen to their sounds. Includes information about other wild cats.

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