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Author Study: R.L. Stine

These sites are about Robert Lawrence Stine or commonly known as R.L. Stine., who is famous for writing scary stories for children. Read interview transcripts and watch videos. Includes activities and games that go with his books. There are teaching ideas and lesson plans for using scary stories to teach about story elements and structure as well as a classroom writing kit to develop students’ writing skills.


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Goosebumps author, R.L. Stine, shares how he got started as a writer.
R.L. Stine shares what his writing day is like, what he does for fun, and his favorite vacation spot.
This is the official website of R.L. Stine or Robert Lawrence Stine. Find out about his life and works, view his photos, and read an FAQ. There are also writing programs for classrooms available to download with interactive games.
Follow links on the left to read interviews the author gave about his books. There is also information on his books and games. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Listen to and watch a 29-minute webcast of R.L. Stine giving a talk at National Book Festival in 2005.
This is an official site of The Rotten School books. Meet characters, listen to a school song, view a school map, and more. Includes Rotten School video and interview with the R.L. Stine.
This site has activities, games, and interactive books for Goosebumps series. NOTE: This site contains banner-ads and has links to discussion boards.
This is an official site of The Nightmare Room series. For each book in the series, you can listen to audio introduction and play online games. Includes exclusive online story from R.L. Stine.
In this lesson plan, students will learn about story structure and story elements through reading and analyzing scary stories.

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