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Dichotomous Keys

These sites are about dichotomous keys. Learn what dichotomous keys are, what the purpose of the keys is, and how to use and create dichotomous keys. Includes examples, practices, and lesson plans.


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This video highlights a dichotomous key lesson for grades 2-3 focused on cactus identification. The teacher explains her approach, including introducing the kids to dichotomous keys using their shoes. It also includes access to several dichotomous key lesson plans.
This lesson, offered by the Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, provides students the chance to create their own keys using potato chips. (Requires free account)
This pdf contains information on classification and dichotomous keys, directions on using a dichotomous key, student worksheets on making and using dichotomous keys.
In this video, Mark Dollinger explains dichotomous keys using a bird example.
This page has a brief definition and an example of a dichotomous key. Includes a classroom activity. NOTE: This site includes a banner-ad.
This classroom activity uses a hand-on activity, shoe classification, to help students grasp the concept of dichotomous key.
Learn how to identify a type of trees by answering questions related to characteristics of leaves.
This is another dichotomous key example on acquatic critters.

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