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Reading Skills: Syllables

These worksheets, activities, and lesson plans are all designed to help students learn about syllables and how to divide them. Some resources are about using syllables to decode words. There is a link to an eTheme on decoding strategies.


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Here you will find themed worksheets (e.g. Christmas words, sports words, etc.) where students will match syllables to find the complete word.
Quick lesson on how to divide syllables. Syllable counting search feature with synonyms given. Information about haiku poems.
This site has several ideas for games to teach students to divide words into syllables and to practice.
Use the game, quiz, and worksheets to learn more about syllables. NOTE: The website includes links to a discussion board.
Test yourself on syllables using these games. Use the flash cards to see if you can divide the words correctly.
Here are activity ideas for teaching students to decode multisyllable words.
Try these two activities to help students understand syllable separation. NOTE: Some of the links at the bottom of the page are broken.
This four page PDF file includes teaching ideas, plus several word drills.
Learn about decoding strategies for young readers. Find out what decoding strategies are and why they are so important. Also includes teaching tips, handouts for students, and online activities. There is a link to an eThemes resource on sight words.



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