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Health: Hygiene

These sites are all about personal hygiene. Do I smell? Why do feet stink? Why do I need to use deodorant and shampoo? There are answers to these questions and many more. Learn about head lice and puberty. Includes a link to the eThemes resources on the human body and teeth.


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Learn the reason we sweat and why sweat smells.
Read about how to solve the problem of stinky feet.
Read about head lice and how to prevent an infection.
This site has information for boys on body changes and personal hygiene.
Read about the sebum and sebaceous glands. Learn how these glands are related to taking care of your hair.
This site explains why your scalp skin is different from other skin and how to care for it.
Do I Smell? Read about this scientific explanation of body odor as well as other changes boys go through during puberty.
Learn the meaning of puberty and the physical changes that happen during this time in life.
This lesson plan on personal hygiene is geared toward high school students, but could be modified for younger students.
Learn about the structure of your teeth, different types of teeth you have, and their functions. Learn how to take care of your teeth and prevent them from dental diseases. Includes movies, classroom activities, hand-on experiments, lesson plans, and online games.

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