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Habitat: Forests: Threats

Learn about the ecological problems facing many forests. The issues include acid rain, air pollution, logging, tree diseases, and more. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on forests.


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This site for older students has documentation on the world's forests provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The site has a wide range of reports and articles on the current state of forests. Read about the correlation between forest development and fresh water and climate changes, the biological diversity of forests, animal hunts, and firefights. Some articles include graphs and tables.
This short overview discusses important ecological topics including forest diseases, fresh water pollution, air quality, waste, and natural disasters. There is a link to the 116-page pdf that provides more detailed information.
Scroll down to the bottom to read about threats to coniferous forests.
Scroll down to the bottom to read about threats to temperate deciduous forests.
This site on acid rain includes science experiment ideas and classroom activities.
This site is designed for children in grades 1-3. Students can read the "Tale of Lucy Lake" and try "Games & Activities."
These sites are about deciduous, coniferous, and taiga forests and their ecosystems. Includes photographs of these forests, plus information about the climate, animals, and plants that are particular to each forest type. Find out where in the world these forests are located.

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