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Science Experiments for Elementary

These sites have simple experiments that will expose students to scientific methods and processes. Students learn to conduct experiments based on scientific inquiry as well as understanding it at the conceptual level. Includes examples on forming research questions and hypotheses, identifying dependent and independent variables, presenting data, and writing conclusions. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Scientific Method, Scientific Principles, Science Fair Projects: Ideas and Organization.


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This page has ideas for science projects. Each project describes the experiment based on a scientifc method. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site has many fun interesting science experiements organized by categories including chemistry, life science, force and energy, and more. Students can also share their results as well as read results from other students.
Click on links to get experimental instructions and ideas for simple science experiments. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here are fun experiments that can get students interested in doing experiments.
This simple experiment will help students learn about different factors that affects flying.
This page has science experiments that can be completed in a short period for elementary level. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This page has sample science projects that can be easily conducted by elementary students.
Students will conduct a hands-on experiment on touge taste buds as well as learn to form experimental questions.
Use the Journey North project as a way to teach inquiry-based and science investigation to students.
Scroll down to find science projects by topics. Click on a science project and then view details of all project links to get experimental instructions and more. Projects are also rated for level of difficulty. NOTE: This site contains ads and pop-up ads.
These sites describe the general method used in scientific research. They also include the research process, the role and purpose of theory, and the history of the method. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on science fair projects.
Find out what scientific method is all about. Learn major principles in science: problem, hypothesis, observations, experiments, theory, and law. Take quizzes to test the hypothesis that you know how to do science. Includes a video, animation, online quizzes, lesson plans, and printable worksheets. There are links to eThemes resources on scientific method, qualities of a scientist, understanding science, and science fair.
Some of these sites offer ideas for science experiments for kids. Other sites present more investigative ideas and guidelines for science fair projects. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on the scientific method.

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