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Animals: Manatees

These sites have information on manatees, an endangered species. Read about their behavior, reproduction, and habitat. View photographs, videos, a live Webcam of these underwater animals, and fill out an activity book. Includes information about the manatee’s hearing problem and ways to protect them from boating accidents. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on endangered species.


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This site is about the range and history of this endangered animal. Also read reasons why it is endangered and the conservation steps being taken to protect them. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This Sea World site has extensive information about manatees. NOTE: The "Reproduction" section talks briefly about the reproductive organs.
Learn about the West Indian manatee by viewing these 13 short videos. A brief written description of the West Indian manatee and links to related species are also included.
Download all 18 lessons or only the ones you need. Although these lesson plans are intended for use by third grade teachers in Florida, they can also be used by teachers in other states who desire that their students learn about manatees.
This 40-page PDF file contains facts about the manatee, information about conservation initiatives, ways for students to get involved in manatee conservation, classroom activities, pre/post tests, a glossary, and a list of references for further reading. The activities included in this guide are for students at the 6-12 grade levels.
Scroll down to read about the manatees that live in the Amazon. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read about manatees and the related dugong in these coloring book style pages.
Choose from various formats to view this four-minute video of manatees swimming. Turn up the volume because the video is set to music.
Younger students can use this fact sheet/coloring sheet to learn about manatees.
This site offers up-to-date articles on manatees. Learn how to adopt a manatee. "Manatee Info" has information about these creatures.
These sites have descriptions of endangered species, including whales and sea turtles. There is also information about the reasons these animals are in peril.

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