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Animals: Martens

These web sites are about the small mammal called a marten. Learn about several species of marten leaving in the world and discover their differences and similarities. Find out about their habitat, life cycle, behavior, reproduction, diet, and predators. Learn why, once abundant, some marten species are on the edge of extinction today. Includes sound and video clips, photographs, and distribution maps. Includes an eTheme resource on Wildlife Conservation.


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Learn about several species of marten, a weasel-like animal. NOTE: The site includes pop-up and banner ads.
Find out what causes decline in American martens population. Read about the animal's habits and diet.
Read about American marten distribution, biology, and tracks. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Discover how many miles the American marten can cover in their search for food. Read about the animal's life cycle and food habits.
Here are brief facts on the American marten. Site includes photos.
Learn about the pine marten species that live in Europe. View photographs and select the "Video" link to watch a short video clip.
View these ten video clips showing young and adult martens. Click on the "Find out More" link for related links and to view a pine marten photo gallery.
Learn more about the American marten. Highlighted information and statistics can be found in the gray boxes.
Find out more information about the appearance, habitat, food, and activity levels of pine martens.
Read more how the pine marten is a good tree climber, see examples of their tracks, and learn about their history in Wisconsin.
This basic information about the American or pine marten includes identification features, its lifestyle, and some fun facts.

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