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Animals: Meerkats

These sites are about meerkats, a type of mongoose that lives in Africa. Learn what they eat and how they protect themselves from predators. Find out what types of social roles they have in their groups. Includes movies, photographs, and a game.


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This site has basic information about meerkats. Click on "Meerkat Quiz" at the bottom for a short test.
Watch this movie about meerkats to learn about how a mob of meerkats interact and protect one other, along with how they sleep and what they eat.
Here are facts about meerkats and page that you can print out to color. NOTE: This site includes Google banner ads.
This site contains information about meerkats and lots of photographs. NOTE: This site links to a site with a guestbook.
This site has detailed information on the physical and behavioral traits of this type of mongoose as well as several pictures. NOTE: Reading level is for older students.
Watch video clips from the Discovery Channel show "Meerkat Manor." NOTE: This site includes banner and pop up ads.
Learn about the geography and culture of Africa and African countries. Includes information on popular national parks and wildlife reserves. eThemes Resources on grassland habitats and East African culture are linked.

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