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Animals: Mice

Learn about different species of mice, their physical characteristics, and their habitat. Includes some images and ideas for crafts and classroom activities.


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This site contains information on deer mice and white-footed mice, including their habitats and food. The page is text only.
This site contains information on taking care of pet mice and rats. Includes some printable coloring pages, crossword puzzles, board games, and even rat paper doll cutouts.
Learn about the difference between the two species; print out diagrammed coloring pages for students. The site includes ideas for making paper bag puppets, and an online coloring page for the rhyme "Three Blind Mice." NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
This site contains a large list of animals and their descriptions. Have students find how many rodents are in the list. Some examples include the mouse and the vole. Click on "Go strait to the animals" to see the list.
From the Missouri Conservation Department, read about the meadow mice of Missouri, including physical description and habitat. Also learn how to control mice around your home.
This site has a combination of literature and art. Students will design cat and mouse puppets and then will "write a series of short adventures for Cat and Mouse, who are the closest of friends and always together." Acting out the adventures is also an option.
A lesson plan from Education Place, this site incorporates literature and science. Students will either read or listen to a summary (click on "Summary" at the top of the page) and then will complete some activities. The focus is learning about habitats. Links are included, as well as vocabulary words.
This follow-up activity from the lesson above has students create scenarios of how change effects animals and their habitats.
Here is a photo gallery of deer mice and their tracks. NOTE: This site links to an online store.
Here are facts about the deer mouse, including its range, habitat, diet, and more. Includes a picture and illustration of its tracks.

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